Afternoon tea

As a general rule I hate the cupcake craze that’s swept through Sydney in the past few years. Most of the cupcakes I’ve tried have had the texture and taste of sawdust. And don’t even get me started on the icing. There always seems to be more icing than cake. Which wouldn’t be a problem if it tasted like rich buttercream. But it doesn’t – it’s just an explosion of sugar without even a hint of buttery-goodness. However, they say that the exception makes the rule and in this case the exception is Sparkle Cupcakery. Sparkle just opened up a Martin Place booth, right near my office, and I popped by to check it out with a friend at lunchtime. I got a Pure Sparkle – vanilla butter cake with vanilla icing. It was truly divine. The cake was moist, but not heavy, and the flavours rich and full. And don’t get me started on the smooth gloss of buttercream on top. It was closer to perfection than its cupcake friends are to sawdust…


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