I downloaded the Couch-to-5K app a few days ago and did my first run yesterday. I gave up my gym membership almost three years ago (so expensive!!) and have relied on my morning sprints to the bus stop to keep me in shape since then. But since starting work a month or so ago, I’m spending so much time sitting at a desk and my suit is definitely feeling more snug that it should. Besides wanting to trim down just a teeny-tiny bit, it would be a great feeling to be able to run 5ks. I’m not very good at sticking with exercise, so I’m hoping the app will keep me on the straight and narrow.

This week was a pretty great one. (Mid-week!) my boyfriend and I shared some dessert wine, a beautiful panna cotta and tiramisu at 10 William Street in Paddington and we’re just about to head off to breakfast here. I’m so excited – the menu looks amazing and a friend from work claims they have the best coffee in Sydney.

Still on the topic of food, I’m going to spend the afternoon making ragu to stash in the freezer for quick dinners and these muffins for my lunch box. I couldn’t find a ragu recipe that seems right so I’m taking inspiration from a few different ones. And any recommendations would be very welcome!!

I saw Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy last weekend. I find it hard to watch violent or scary films and this one had a far amount of violence (it’s a spy movie after all) but I still loved it – the script is well written, visually it’s so rich, the cast is full of fine actors (Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Tom Hardy, Toby Jones) and it doesn’t lose momentum despite being over two hours long. It helped that I have a soft spot for Benedict Cumberbatch. And I made up for the violence by watching Waitress when I got home!

Is anyone out there a fan of Virginia Woolf? I’m reading Mrs Dalloway at the moment. I won’t lie: the beautiful cover sucked me in. I can’t say its gripped me like some of my other recent reads (post on that soon!) but I am enjoying it.

Happy Sunday everyone. May it be filled with sunshine, coffee and great company. Xo


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