A little sole

Mimco is really hitting the mark with its shoes right now. When Mimco branched out from bags to shoes a few years ago I felt like they’d really missed the mark. The shoes were trying so hard to be different that they’d ceased to be pretty. It seemed that lots of people felt the same way because the shoes were always on sale. But sometime in the last year or so things at Mimco must have changed because at the moment I could spend my entire pay check and then some on their shoes. Last weekend I splurged on these (in mink). They’re perfect for work – closed toe and a small(ish) heel. Even better, they’re not black, they fit like a glove and every time I look down I smile because my shoes look so gorgeous. My sister wants these lace-ups and these flats and I have these sparkly ballet shoes on my wish list. Obviously if I’m going to support this new-found love I’m going to have to get a higher paying job …

Speaking of shoes, have you seen this video that Kinga Burza made for Kate Spade? So sweet and beautiful.


2 thoughts on “A little sole

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