This week has been crazy busy. My boyfriend and I graduated on Monday night and so both of our families have been in Sydney. Besides work and seeking family, it seems that all my friends who have been travelling for the past year descended on Sydney at the same time so I’ve been running around like a headless chicken catching up with everyone. Spending too much time socialising is the epitome of a first world problem I know, and it’s wonderful to see old friends, but I am beyond excited to have made it home by 8 pm tonight.

Besides a serious lack of couch and tv time this week, I’m really sorry I haven’t had enough time to be around here. I do have something exciting to share though: one of my favourite restaurants – Berta.

Berta is hidden down a side street on the very edge of the Sydney CBD behind a totally inconspicuous heavy dark door. It’s not the kind of place you could ever stumble upon but it’s well worth seeking out. I love it so much because it’s the perfect combination of delicious food, great service and casual atmosphere. The food is expertly executed and innovative without needing to resort to intimidating like such as foam and dirt. Plus it’s where I had my first aperol spritz and for that I owe a serious debt of gratitude.

I had dinner at Berta on Tuesday. We were 6 so we were able to try lots of things: tiny green peppers grilled and showered with celery salt, burrata with silky red capsicums and vin cotto, rabbit nuggets (!!) with mustard mascarpone, king fish ceviche, roasted duck with figs, blue eye cod with perfect crispy skin, pickled beetroot and capers, poached peaches and bay leaf walnut cream, tiny meringues and chocolate salami. That was only the tip of the iceberg and each and every dish was amazing. I hold a special place in my heart for the chocolate salami though. I wonder if the chef would give me the recipe?

This blog was never meant to be for serious restaurant reviews but I do want to share my favourite places. And Berta is hands down at the top of the list. Happy Friday everyone xo


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