Link Love

I took this photo in Sapa, Vietnam a few months ago. Before we left, my boyfriend and I were embarrassingly into Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam and even stole a few travel tips from him. We’ve just started watching his program on the Greater Mekong, which I love just as much. I can’t wait to go back to Asia!

  • I made this delicious pasta dish for dinner on Sunday. Served with a green salad it was super easy and, even better, its simplicity made me feel virtuous.
  • Received a stunning bouquet of flowers (mostly orchids) from here last week. They’re supposed to last two weeks!
  • Though the term is horrible, this is fantastic chick lit – escapism and joy in paper form.

I hate Wednesdays. Hump day indeed. Hope the rest of your week flies by now that Wednesday has passed! Xo

P.s. Has anyone else been experimenting with Pinterest?!! I just signed up last week but I’m finding it totally addictive! For some reason I’ve found it much easier to get hooked on than Twitter…


2 thoughts on “Link Love

  1. Hey Anna! I saw your post on “A Sweet Spoonful” and was like heck yes someone who loves Australian Autumn and pinterest. Pinterest is amazing, and I agree a lot more addictive than Twitter. Maybe it’s because the pictures and the messages that they send are more relaxing. Have a great day!

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