It’s Moving Day

Hello everyone!

I’m so sorry it’s been such a long time since I’ve been around. With the Easter break and busy days at work, I lost track of time. I’ve also been distracted trying to finish off a little Sweet Peas and Green Tea project. But finally, it’s done! I’m so excited I can hardly wait to share: Sweet Peas and Green Tea has moved! I can now be found at I do hope you’ll come and say hi xo



Sydney gave us a substandard summer this year (rain, rain and more rain, barely a handful of days above 25’C). But I’ll take an average summer if it means a perfect autumn and, so far, autumn has been truly glorious – blue skies, warm days and crisp nights. I’ve been reminded what a beautiful city Sydney is, something that is easy to forget when you don’t live on the water and every day involves facing a bus ride down Elizabeth St during peak hour.

I went for what was probably the last swim of the season over the weekend and, as I didn’t have to work today, I started the day by walking over the Harbour Bridge for the first time since I was a child. Working 9-5 gets is exhausting sometimes but I’m grateful for the fact that it makes me more appreciative of the spare time I do have.

  • I followed up my walk with a stop at Haigh’s Chocolates, my favourite chocolate shop (the chocolate sparkles are like crack to me!). Thank you Easter for making it justifiable to spend $30 on chocolate in one hit.
  • Am I the last person to see The Artist. Honestly, I went because my mother enjoyed it so much I think she was going to disown me if I didn’t see it. It was absolutely worth it though. It’s true that the plot isn’t very complicated but the acting, music and design more than make up for it – the film bubbles over with emotion and sucks you right in.
  • Dinner on Saturday night was this artichoke tart with polenta crust – highly recommended! I’m also thinking about making this roast chicken. The idea of roasting a chicken in milk sounds really strange but the review is so glowing I think it might be worth a shot. Has anyone out there tried it before?

Happy Monday! I hope everyone has a great week. And Happy Easter too! Xo

Link Love

I took this photo in Sapa, Vietnam a few months ago. Before we left, my boyfriend and I were embarrassingly into Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam and even stole a few travel tips from him. We’ve just started watching his program on the Greater Mekong, which I love just as much. I can’t wait to go back to Asia!

  • I made this delicious pasta dish for dinner on Sunday. Served with a green salad it was super easy and, even better, its simplicity made me feel virtuous.
  • Received a stunning bouquet of flowers (mostly orchids) from here last week. They’re supposed to last two weeks!
  • Though the term is horrible, this is fantastic chick lit – escapism and joy in paper form.

I hate Wednesdays. Hump day indeed. Hope the rest of your week flies by now that Wednesday has passed! Xo

P.s. Has anyone else been experimenting with Pinterest?!! I just signed up last week but I’m finding it totally addictive! For some reason I’ve found it much easier to get hooked on than Twitter…

Link Love

Wish I was here right now …

These would make for my dream Valentine’s Day (hold the champagne and overpriced set menu)

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, how cute (and true!) is this??

One of my favourite weeknight dinners

I have a thing for tea towels and Beatrice might just be perfection

Top of my winter wishlist (emphasis on wish)

(On a more serious note) a great explanation of where the Labor Party is right now

Have a wonderful week everyone xo