Sydney gave us a substandard summer this year (rain, rain and more rain, barely a handful of days above 25’C). But I’ll take an average summer if it means a perfect autumn and, so far, autumn has been truly glorious – blue skies, warm days and crisp nights. I’ve been reminded what a beautiful city Sydney is, something that is easy to forget when you don’t live on the water and every day involves facing a bus ride down Elizabeth St during peak hour.

I went for what was probably the last swim of the season over the weekend and, as I didn’t have to work today, I started the day by walking over the Harbour Bridge for the first time since I was a child. Working 9-5 gets is exhausting sometimes but I’m grateful for the fact that it makes me more appreciative of the spare time I do have.

  • I followed up my walk with a stop at Haigh’s Chocolates, my favourite chocolate shop (the chocolate sparkles are like crack to me!). Thank you Easter for making it justifiable to spend $30 on chocolate in one hit.
  • Am I the last person to see The Artist. Honestly, I went because my mother enjoyed it so much I think she was going to disown me if I didn’t see it. It was absolutely worth it though. It’s true that the plot isn’t very complicated but the acting, music and design more than make up for it – the film bubbles over with emotion and sucks you right in.
  • Dinner on Saturday night was this artichoke tart with polenta crust – highly recommended! I’m also thinking about making this roast chicken. The idea of roasting a chicken in milk sounds really strange but the review is so glowing I think it might be worth a shot. Has anyone out there tried it before?

Happy Monday! I hope everyone has a great week. And Happy Easter too! Xo


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